Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Europe Covers Mid-Term Election Day 2010

See it for yourselves, transatlanticists: this is a smorgasbord of headlines from across the pond, covering the US mid-term elections. 

By tomorrow, Washington may be a considerably different -- and likely more Republican -- political capital, with all the attending pitfalls and windfalls that come with the seismic political shift both domestically and for the US' friends and enemies abroad. 


Nuit cruciale pour Barack Obama et les démocrates ("Crucial Night for Obama and the Democrats")  

"Marée républicaine en vue au Congrès" ("Republican Tidal Wave Seen From Congress") -- La Libération

Un scrutin à l'ombre de la crise immobilière-- Le Figaro
("An Election in the Shadow of the Mortgage Crisis")

Ce Tea Party qui bouscule la politique américaine "Tea Party Shakes Up American Politics" -- Le Figaro

Vers une large victoire des républicains
("Toward a Big Republican Victory") -- Le Figaro



"Midterm elections 2010: live" -- Daily Telegraph
"A Gathering Storm" -- The Economist

 "Mid-Terms in America: Home Stretch" (audio)-- The Economist


'Obama Failed to Connect the Dots' -- Der Spiegel

More to come tomorrow, with an "after" post to complement this "before"post. 

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