Saturday, August 28, 2010

Douthat on Moderate Islam, Eurabia

Just dug up this thought-provoking pair of posts from Ross Douthat on moderate Islam and Eurabia, or the concept of European Islamification. Consider these part of the level-headed, rarefied side of conservative criticism in the Ground Zero mosque controversy. 


  1. It would be nice, however, if level-headed commentary did not include the usage of loaded and provocative terms like "Eurabia" in article titles. And placing a question mark at the end of the header doesn't excuse that either.

  2. Harry,

    Thanks for the comment. The term Eurabia is borrowed from the Douthat piece, though "Eurabia" within quotations would have been more diplomatic.

    Here's another non-grammatically-sensitive use of the word, this time from author Justin Vaisse, who's got some serious Islam-studies bona fides, and some insightful critique of the alarmist message espoused by some regarding Islam's presence in Europe.

    Where is the question mark at the end of the header?


  3. ...Ahh, the Question Mark. I followed that link. I pledge not to use the Fox News-style ? any more than sparingly.