Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sarkozy Joins Lellouche's Call for All-EU Emergency Response Team

French President Nicolas Sarkozy joined the call last week to create an all-EU crisis response team to stem the destruction of disasters all over the world. 

The recent series of emergencies, from floods in Pakistan, the forest fires in Russia, to January's earthquake in Haiti -- and now the predicted flooding in the China-North Korea border region -- has attracted increasingly global attention on disasters. The international community is generating widespread discussion on the appropriate role for non-local governments in disaster relief. (...)

Pierre Lellouche, Sarkozy's foreign policy chief for the EU, stepped out earlier this month as the first to move for an EU-wide first responders team. 

Sarkozy elaborated on the crisis team idea by saying that France should act in tandem with NATO and the UN to distribute aid and relief. 

It would seem that such a move presents a Eurocracy-as-usual approach to EU foreign and humanitarian aid, with ambiguous political will to instate new policies, coupled with constant looks over the shoulder to stay in line, or subordinate to, international institutions and the shelter they provide policy-wise.

See Lellouche's original call for a pan-EU response team, which was described earlier here on EurAmerican, or at the previous post (below).

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